Friday, August 27, 2010



As married couples, we all realize the hardships, struggles, and tremendous (this word may be an understatement) amount of work it takes to not only make a marriage work, but to have a successful happy one. Learning how to communicate, fight fair, compromise, and make decisions together is something that takes time to master and for both spouses seems to be on the job training. Its amazing when you stop to think about it all the planning that goes into a wedding, but the lack of planning put into a life time of marriage. I know personally I am guilty. Either way, learning how to be a wife, or learning how to be a husband is just is learned.

When you factor in the daily issues we all face such as this wonderful thing called life, there are times our marriages are put on the back burner as we are focused on handling other situations. In other words, there are many issues that contribute to the challenges of married life. Marriage is a beautiful covenant, but it doesn't come without a fight.

So as I sit here this morning trying to think of something meaningful to write about how to make marriage better, I realize sometimes its the simple things we need to focus on. Marriage is complicated enough in itself and it is easy to look past the small things.

So "real wives" my question to you is simply this: Why do you love your husband? Despite the all the struggles and challenges, what is one positive thing you can say about your spouse? I know one of the reasons why I fell in love with my husband is because of his sense of humor and his dedication to whatever he does. He's a hard worker and never gives up; most days he's even my best friend ;)

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of why we married our spouse in the first place.


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Isis said...

This is so sweet! It is the simple things. In my case, its always making sure I'm fed, or trying to make me laugh. I love that he is so simple.

Lady O said...

I had to ponder this question believe it or not because I found myself talking about HIS good qualities and not focusing why I love him. Granted my marriage is in its infancy stages, but as of today, I love him because he loves me. It sounds strange, but it is so real.

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Wow...I love that Lady O