Thursday, August 5, 2010



This is a postwas written by my fellow RWOC Sisters

"I actually cannot listen to Alicia Keys music anymore. It may sound a bit ridiculous to associate music artisit personal lives with thier music. I just felt she entered a marriage with too much controversy. Her new husband "Swizz Beats" was married to Mashonda when they entered a relationship. Provided the marriage was not exactly over or even near divorcing, I really felt bad for Mashonda after reading the "Essence, Hobe and Sister to Sister" interview she done. I felt she was honest and forthright on her side of this issue. I was glad she was able to tell her story on how things actually went. My sister and I cannot event listen to an Alicia Keys songs provided it spells hyprocrisy"

Whats your thoughts on this?

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Sharina said...

What the two of them did was wrong, there is no question about that. I feel bad for Mashonda, but personally we only here what the media allows us to here, so I can't judge, and I won't. I don't agree with what Alicia did, if that is how it went down, but then again its none of my business, lol. I love Alicia Keys music and I always will, and in no way am I defending her, but her personal life is just that...her personal life.

Okay, done with my rant, lol....Real Wives of Chicago I gave you an award! Stop by my blog to get it

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Thank you for responding Sharina. Im with you..I can't reall judge and both should be held accountable..not just alicia keys.