Tuesday, August 24, 2010



You and your spouse playing the silent treatment. Niether one want to give in. How do you break those barriers?


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Sassy Wife said...

Now this is something we struggle with. I was actually writing a post on the Silent Treament Game. I am normally the one who gives in, because I know life is too short to sweat the small stuff and am a firm believer in not going to bed angry. My hubby on the other hand is stubborn, so its hard to break those barriers therefore I simply try not to allow a disagreement get that far anymore. Fighting Fair!

Mister's Wife said...

My Husband and I used to have that problem in the beginning of our marriage, The hours would turn to days and the days turn to weeks! but Great marriages take work and ours is worth the work!

WE came to the conclusion that we are two different people who have our own ways about doing and saying things, but we had to learn to work together. I myself had to learn to let go of the little things so I learn to pick my battles!

Surviving Motherhood said...

My husband and I used to go through this, but I hate having problems go unsolved, so I am usually the one to give in. It ends up being okay though because then he ends up being the one to apologize first! LOL...no but seriously, I too have learned that even though we are both stubborn, it is best to talk things out so we don't stay angry. I don't have time to be angry :)

Nemo0610 said...

This is def something me and my husband struggle with. We try to use the saying "don't go to bed angry" but sometimes that don't always happen. Im not really sure of a resolution to this because again this is something I struggle with. What I do is pray and the next day seems to work itself out.

ms shep said...

A man always want to eat despite being mad.