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Marriage is a beautiful convenant between a man and a woman but lets face it,not everyone is good at everything, the ability to get and, more importantly stay married is a little more difficult than it looks on the surface. A successful marriage is comprised of many constantly changing components requiring regular maintenance, and a person unwilling or unable to put in the work should not undertake the adventure. Marriage is not for everyone, unfortunately that realization comes after the vows for the misguided who never should have married in the first place. It takes a special personality to thrive within the boundaries of marriage, and a special mate to help balance the relationship of two different individuals and steer it in a singular direction.

I think if more people ask themselves are they really cut out for marriage. Then maybe we will have less failed marriages.

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Isis said...

Indeed it is not for everyone, but if the married ones would take there vows more seriously there would not be a battle to fight against! Good post RWOC!

Sharina said...

Very true! I think many times when a couple first gets married a lot if has to do with falling in love and that initial excitement and passion that most experience. Marriage is on the job training for a lot of people and unfortunately many feel they are not cut out for it until they are actually in it. Researching and really getting yourself educated before hand may help a lot of couples.

However, I agree with the above post, marriage is a choice and everything you do that involves that commitment is a choice. So in a lot of situations (not all) people need to learn to choose to uphold their vows, and stick it out even through the bad times.

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Thank you for posting your comments and I very much agree with you ladies. I think people panic when the going gets tough and believe the grass is greener on the other side but the other side might have a higher water bill. Every marriage/relationships need continuos maintenance and so I think it should be a self examination if this job really cut out for you.

ms shep said...

I think for many couples it's the excitement of preperation and fantasy of the idea of marriage. But when the wedding day is over and reality of real life crisis and everyday task begin to arise many spouses are ready to run the other way. I do agree really ask yourself are you willing to compromise or stay in a fantasy world. If not you're going to be tired before you start your journey of marriage.

Lisa Brown said...

I agree. And, something I've noticed with a handful of my divorced friends - they all went back and forth, wondering if they wanted to get married, they had doubts before the wedding, and other similar things. I think people should honestly listen to their heart as well. If you're having doubts BEFORE you tie the know, I can almost guarantee rough times after.