Friday, July 23, 2010



Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the one night only screening of "You Saved Me, " an inspiring documentary of real married couples brought to us by Ronnie and Lamar Tyler, the voices behind the blog, Black and Married With Kids.

It was amazing to see such positive images of marriages in the black community, and how even though we all go through our trials and struggles, having a successful marriage is something to definitely fight for. What personally stuck out to me and my husband was the concept of compromise. We all know that compromise is an important aspect in sustaining a marriage, but we all want that because we can give a little and still get a little of what we want. Sacrifice goes hand in hand with compromise, and in a marriage sacrifice is something we all have be willing to give as well. Powerful isn't it? This film definitely brought up a lot of real issues.

I would like to give a special thank you to all my Real Wives of Chicago sisters that attended the event along with their husbands, showing such overwhelming support for what our organization stands for. Real Wives of Chicago definitely showed up and showed out, representing not only what marriage is about, but sisterhood as well.

So in light of yesterday's screening, for those of you who attended, what were you thoughts on the film? For everyone in general, do you feel that your marriage has saved you in anyway? If so how?

For those who are interested in seeing this film, which we recommend you do, check out to purchase the DVD. It is worth taking the time out to see :)


2 Comments from Real Wives Fab Followers:

Nemo0610 said...

I really enjoyed this film. The best part of the film to me was when the older lady that was married for 50yrs+ and it really hit home for me when she said "she was rich even though her and her husband was poor". They made their life rich with love and I think that is very important in a success of a marriage to concentrate on the love and make that rich then making your pockets.

Another couple that I enjoyed was the couple that was married for 20+ yrs and they seperated but in the midst of their seperation she took that time to learn about herself. She was so use to being a mother and a wife that she didn't even know what she like ex swimming, horse back riding. So I think it is so important for us wives to not loose ourselves. Remember that we was still an individual before we gotten married and to be truly happy within our marriage. We first have to be happy within.

Sharina said...

I also enjoyed this film. I think one of the most touching stories was also of the couple that had went through separation periods twice within in their marriage. It just goes to show you that no matter how long you've been married, you must consistently work at your marriage and nurture it for it to continue to be a success.

Staying committed is a consistent choice when you are married, but the benefits are well worth it.

I hope to see more films like this that focus on the positive aspects of marriage instead of the bad.