Tuesday, July 27, 2010



With the daily stress, work and kids, how do you keep the spark in your relationship?


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Nemo0610 said...

Well my husband and I don't share a kid together but we are a blended family and how we keep the spark in our marriage is we date each other as much as we can. We also take some "me" time which I think it is very important in a relationshop and it gives us something to talk about at the end of the day.

Sassy Wife said...

Like Nemo0610 said, my husband and I do not have a child yet but we also have a blended family. My two beautiful step daughters spend the summer and Christmas with us. We date eachother often, kiss before we leave and enter the home, If I had to sum it up with a song it would be "Still" by Tamia. Cause I still smile in the morning, when I realize I'm still in his arms".

Sharina said...

Keeping the spark all the time can be very difficult in the midst of just daily life, routine, kids, and everything else. Even though my husband and I still go through our periods of just being plain bored with one another, we do try to be spontaneous when we can be, date each other, and definitely just get alone time away from the kids. Its hard, but it helps.

The NaTuRal Mommy said...

Like everyone said, we go on dates. We make sure to get an overnight babysitter at least once a month. On the weekends when our daughter is napping we will watch a movie together. At night after she is gone to sleep, we will sit up and talk or not talk LOL.
We send each other texts and emails throughout the day and whenever we can we eat lunch together.
I also try to stay cute, I have invested in cute boy shorts and tanks to wear around the house, and when we go out I make sure I am extra cute :)

Arlice Nichole said...

It's not easy, and as of late, we haven't been. LOL

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

It sometimes hard Arlice!! You just have to somehow make time for your marriage as you make time for everything else.