Monday, July 26, 2010



Many of those who have been deeply and truly in love with each other for years may realize one day that something has happened and things do not really work as they did. It is quite natural. People change with the time and their desires and expectations are no longer the same. First of all you must determine the cause of your falling apart. Is it routine or just another human being coming between the two of you?
In most cases, there is no need for an intruder to kill the harmony of a couple. Life is full of trying circumstances that may lower the temperature level of a household considerably.
- Keeping quiet and waiting for the storm to go away is not the best strategy one can adopt. Taking action is the winner's first step into victory. Keep a positive thinking and devise a plan to improve the situation.
- Get your partner into talking about what is going on. Show him or her how concerned you are by constantly proving your steady feelings for him or her. Be open and understandable and let your spouse open before you too. You must necessarily hear his/her side of the story before drawing any conclusions.
Once communication has been established again, you can start showing more affection and remind your partner of the good old days when everything was perfect. Many couples fall apart due to a lack of attention to the needs of the other. Any step towards the heart of your partner will certainly prepare a similar move to yours.


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Sharina said...

Love this! Communication is key in long lasting, successful marriage no matter how many years you have been married.