Thursday, July 8, 2010

Marital Bliss....Fact or Fiction?


The only thing perfect about marriage is the airbrushed wedding photo. ~ Anonymous

Marriage, even the best of marriages, takes effort and work. Point blank.

Many people enter marriage wearing rose-colored glasses. We long for the Hollywoodization of relationships. Where everything goes smoothly and passionately and all our disagreements are resolved before the credits roll. We think that once we marry the person whom we have fallen in love with, that life together is this "storybook idea" of everlasting love and marital bliss, and thats the first problem right there. The fact of the matter is, this is not realistic in no shape or form. I think movies and books that even try to promote this idea should come with a disclaimer much like those diet programs that state "Individual results may vary, results not typical".

Now with that being said, that doesn't mean that you won't have days where your husband will sweep you off your feet, say or do something that absolutely amazes you, makes you fall in love with him even more, or even make you want to marry him all over again. Marriage goes through its' ups along with its' downs, but love and romance is not going to be everyday. Some days you may realize you don't like your spouse; some days you may feel like giving up; some days he make urke you to the point where you want to scream. There will be days where both of you are just "there." Life will feel boring and stagnant. Marriage goes through many stages and emotions, which is why it takes so much effort and work to make it a success. However, deep down you have to ask yourself this: At the end of the day, is it all worth it? And what I mean by that is, is your spouse worth going through the storm with when everything seems to be going wrong? Because we all know it will. As you both hit the many roadblocks of this thing called life, is it worth it to fight through it together?

So sure, us as wives may get angry from time to time at our spouse for not helping out more with household chores, or wondering why there are dirty socks at the end of the bed instead of the hamper, or even why they can't keep a bathroom clean for more than 5 minutes, just remember those are things that are bound to happen. When two completely different people try and live one life together, there are going to be annoyances and times when you completely irritate one another. But those are the small things. When you enter a marriage, instead of dreaming of perfect eternal marital bliss, look at your partner as someone to fight the good fight with. The person that is going to be there next to you during those times when it rains and pours or when shit hits the roof. Once you are able to accept that fact, then you both can get to work :) A perfect marriage isn't realistic, but with some work and understanding, a happy, fulfilling one can be.


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