Monday, November 21, 2011

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Smile at the thought of your husband...


This Motivational Monday we would like to motivate you to forget about having to go to work this morning, forget about the task you have to do this week, forget about the holiday presents you have to gather, forget about decorations and plans.  We just want you to do something very simple, look at your husband, call him or text him, remember that you love him and smile....

Since the day we first met,
I knew it was love,
God answered my prayers,
you came down from above...

You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
for the first time ever,
it was more than just lust.

Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared...

Every day I wake up, with a smile a mile long, I know that we are solid, I know that we are strong.

So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you.

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