Monday, November 14, 2011

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: The Power of Affection


This Motivational Monday I would like to motivate you all to touch your spouse.  Show them that you're there for them.  Give them an extra tighter hug today.  Take a walk and hold hands.  Reach across the dinner table for that spare hand, and let the power of affection take its course...
The Power of Affection
by Jim Burns 
The basic need of all people is to love and be loved. So one of the basic ingredients for a marriage to thrive is affection.

If you are in a marriage with very little affection, whether it's sexual or nonsexual variety, you most likely are in a disconnected phase of your relationship.

Some studies report that it takes eight to ten meaningful touches a day for a person to thrive.

If you are not naturally affectionate, don't fake being overly mushy, but work on it. If your family background or ethnicity didn't offer much affection to you when you were growing up, then you'll need to make an extra effort, but don't hold back or use it as an excuse for a lack of connection in your marriage.

Couples who hold hands, kiss passionately, and bring gifts like flowers and chocolate to one another are couples who have a much better chance for a healthy relationship.

Paul's advice to the Roman church was "Outdo one another in showing honor" (Romans 12:10 RSV). You may not feel like showering your spouse with affection. But no matter how you feel, choose to intentionally focus on bringing affection to your relationship.

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