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MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: YOU are in control of your own mood...


I thought this article would me a great motivation to the wives.  Enjoy and put it to use...

Master Your Attitude: Bolster Your Confidence to Stay Sexy for Your Spouse

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You are in control of your own mood. I’ll say it again: YOU are in control of YOUR own mood. This is probably the most important piece of advice I give to people, regardless of where they are in their relationships.

What this means, is that no matter what is happening in your day to day life, no matter what your workday was like or how your back feels, no matter what errands you have to run or how much you have to spend to fix the car, no one is responsible for your happiness but you. If you CHOOSE to be angry or upset about your daily stresses, then you will wallow in your bad mood, and it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

We can’t rely on others to make us feel good – they have themselves to worry about.
It’s easy to let the stresses of the day (or week, month, etc.) to pile up. It’s easy to submit to feelings of anger and depression, to feel sorry for yourself, and let it affect the way you deal with the people around you.

How does your mood affect your spouse?
Take a moment to think outside of yourself. If you’re in a bad mood, how does that affect the way you communicate with your spouse? If you are short with them, or seem distant, disinterested, or on edge, how will that affect any attempt at communication? Plenty of arguments are the result of outside stressors, not the issue being argued. By allowing yourself to wallow in a bad mood, you set the stage for increased stress and MORE trouble. This only gets worse when both halves of a couple let themselves settle into a negative attitude.

Now, what about the opposite effect? Imagine your home life if you and your spouse were excited to see each other everyday, if you could laugh about a stressful situation at work, or combine forces to solve problems around the house. In the bedroom, a playful, positive attitude goes a LONG way. Confidence is sexy, and unhappiness is definitely NOT a way to gain confidence. Choosing to be in a good mood will improve your outlook on the world around you, and with it, your self-confidence.

But how, you ask? How can you take control of your moods?

The short answer is to simply make yourself be happy. Stack the odds in your favor. This is an entirely personal endeavor. Take the necessary steps to improve your own life, and it will improve your marriage, your job, your family, everything. Evaluate the stressors in your life, and deal with them accordingly. Make an effort to get off the couch. Learn something new or rekindle the passion for an old hobby. If there’s something you want to accomplish, today’s the day to start!

A positive outlook will be infinitely beneficial to your marriage, from your sex life to taking care of the kids. When you feel good about what you’re doing, you will feel good about yourself – and when you feel good about yourself, your partner will feel good about you too!

Just as negativity breeds more negativity, happiness results in, you guessed it, MORE HAPPINESS. Good days turn into good weeks, good weeks into good months, and so on. Only you are in control of your mood. If you desire self-improvement, go for it, as long as it makes you happy! When you and your spouse both take control of your own happiness, you will find each other much more pleasant to be around, and a whole lot more attractive.

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