Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HOT TOPIC TUESDAY: Letting him be a man...


Personally, I think I work a whole lot more than my husband.  I feel that he brings home the bacon, but I make ends meet.  What I mean by that is, not only do I bring in the money that is much needed sometimes, I also am with our son more, I run errands more, and do things around the house that are needed more, as well as I do all the bookkeeping for us and my business, and more!  Some days I am exhausted, but in order to avoid conflict I have to keep the communication going, and sometimes I admit that I can make him feel like he's not doing enough, like he is not the man. 

If you're a woman with many hats, how can you wear the hat of letting hubby be a man at all times? 

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