Monday, October 31, 2011



This Motivational Monday God surly interceded and brought something to my eyes. Checking my emails I came across this article that said, "Why Faith Can Help Marriage Work."  Now I am a work in progress, and I admit, that I believe in God, but sometimes I have a problem with letting God.  My faith is  under construction, so this title really hit something in me.  It listed tools that you should have to help your marriage:  Humility, Forgiveness, God's Sovereignty, and Financial Provision.  At the end it challenges you to  pick one of the tools and let it become your attitude your mindsets, and implement them in your marriage. Maybe you will come together in prayer about a stressful situation, maybe you will stop looking to each other to change and start looking to yourself, or maybe you will offer forgiveness for a hurt that occurred many years ago.

Whatever it is, turn to God first and each other second. Let Him be the foundation of your marriage so that when things get good, you can say, “God did this!” Because that’s the point of it all anyway, isn’t it?

Are you up for the Challenge?  RWOC knows you can do it!!!!!

Read article in its entirety here.

2 Comments from Real Wives Fab Followers:

salkis said...

This was a great article! I tell ladies all the time, that 'we have to take responsibility for the situations we get get ourselves into, if we don't then the power to fix it is not in our hands either. Thansk for sharing

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Thanks Salkis and you're right, it is not in our hands its in Gods... Thanks for reading!!!