Monday, March 7, 2011

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Money & Your Relationship


In marriage, there are a lot of obstacles to cross and sadly one obstacle that the majority of marriages have to cross is; finances. We've found that if we maintain a high level of honesty and communication, money issues fall under the topic "Everything We Talk About" and we know where the other is. Also, because we have a real partnership attitude, it's never mattered whether I was earning more or he was earning more.

Respect the FACTS:

1. This is all the money we have to first and for most, make sure we have a roof over I had, the necessities in this house (Light, Gas at least one phone).
2. Any miscellaneous bills like cable, credit cards, Internet service etc. are paid.
3. We have food.
4. Anything left goes towards, clothing or any other entertainment (games, dates, etc.)

So basically what it comes down to, is Communication, and Respect. Great ingredients for a wonderful marriage.

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