Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HOT TOPIC TUESDAY: Hiding Bank Accounts?


I would like to stick with the money theme I started yesterday, if you don't mind for this Hot topic Tuesday.

In a research study, 32% of women said that they have a bank account that their husbands do not know about as a security blanket in case their husbands leave them, or they decide to leave their husbands.

I myself know a couple of women that have accounts their husbands don't know about so that they can spend money as they please, and their husbands won't check their spending habits.

Do you think hiding accounts is ok in marriage?

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yikes. Well, if I found out my husband had a secret account so that he can spend money as he pleases and I won't check his spending habits - that would be grounds for a serious discussion about whether he really wants to be in a marriage or would rather be on his own. I would really expect the same reaction from him. A great friend once told me that married people who live with one foot in the single door, usually end up that way.

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

Thats great advice!