Tuesday, September 4, 2012

HOT TOPIC TUESDAY: Being a good friend...


SCENARIO:  My friends husband is a complete, another word you call a donkey starting with A.  He doesn't listen to her, he doesn't do things for her, he's completely  unreasonable.  He asks her to do things for him that are totally difficult for her to do, but are really easy for him to do for himself.  He doesn't have good communication at all.  My friend is constantly upset with her husband, and shares these hard times with me.  I don't want to come in between my friends marriage, and I don't want anything to happen with my friendship with her, but I'm tired of seeing my friend upset.  I tell her to talk to her husband.  Look out for herself, cause if she doesn't do it nobody will.  I tell her to think of the example she and her husband are setting for their children.  No matter what I tell her it seems to go in one ear out the other.  She does not stand up for herself at all.  How do I be a good friend, and stay a good friend in a situation like this?

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