Monday, December 5, 2011



This past weekend member of the RWOC sisterhood donated our time and muscles to pack 82 boxes of chicken, vegetables, soy bean, and rice to send to one of the 70 countries the wonderful  Feed my Starving Children is affiliated with.  From this 82 boxes we packed there are 17,712 meals which will feed 49 children for 1 year!  After praying over the boxes and leaving the site, I left so full with the presence of God, and so full with the spirit that I made a difference.  I not only wished that I could have shared this experience with my family.  I from that point on made the commitment to volunteer and donate more. 

This Motivation Monday I motivate you to care.  Not only to care about your husband and your kids, but to also care about the starving 18,000 children that die every year.  I motivate you to care about them, and donate your time, may it be volunteering, or donating money, but please care...

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