Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HOT TOPIC TUESDAY: Family Dinners @ Hooters, Thumbs up or Thumbs down?


So, my husband and I and a few other family members decided to have family night at Hooters (love those hot wings!) and we were shocked to see a league of about 8-11 year old boys running around the restaurant, and taking pictures with the waitresses.

After seeing this I also learned that Hooters offers High Chairs and children's menus. Do you find this offensive, and would you take your kids there for a family dinner?

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Anonymous said...

I've always been kind of the "to each their own" on this one. My husband used to take his boys there all the time after football on Saturdays, eat wings, take pics with pretty waitresses, take home free calendars. One day I went to pick him up some wings and watched a waitress in a "family" places with her boobs pressed up in a customers face. Yea, real classy. Hubby claims that he has never seen anything like that, although one waitress did once have a "nip slip." I choose not to go - call it my insecurity or whatever. To me, that place doesnt scream family. He doesnt really take our boys, probably because he knows my feelings on it. But if somebody else wants to take their kids, more power to them.

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

I feel the same way! Thanks for your comment Dori!