Monday, September 20, 2010



As we approach this season of fall, the air will become cooler and drier. The hardwood trees will begin to display a beautiful array of autumn colors, and leaves will begin falling to the ground. Daylight hours will gradually shorten. This change is a season which only last for a season(temporary). You may be experiencing a fall season in your marriage right now. Most marriage go through a dry season when it seems like you can't agree on anything and the daylight on your marriage may seem to be fading away and your nights are getting longer as though you cannot see your way through the trials. Every season brings about change. Just as God set the season of times for the benefit of life on earth. Remember, you must go through the winters of life before you can experience the spring of life. Whatever you are going through in your marriage, job, school, friendships etc. Hang in there! The best is yet to come.


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