Thursday, June 3, 2010

Celebrating Sisterhood


Today is a joyous day for RWOC. After careful deliberation we finally decided on a logo that best represents the group. Real Wives of Chicago are joined by marriage and bonded by sisterhood. Here is what the Organizer of the group Nichelle Nemo had to say about the branding process “I took my time in deciding on a logo that best represents the group and what we stand for. A logo that symbolizes unity, marriage and sisterhood. I especially enjoyed working with Julie Holloway as her professionalism and patience was ideal and really helped make the process effortless.”

For more information on Julie or to see her portfolio please find her contact details below.

Julie Holloway
815 582 7234 (m)

Let us know your thoughts and what you think about the logo.

Your sisters,


4 Comments from Real Wives Fab Followers:

Sassy Wife said...

I love it. Its so chic and feminine.

CalebsMom112 said...

I like, I like. Can't wait to get my shirt!

Sharina said...

I love how the women are sexy and feminine...just because you are a wife don't mean you loose all that...I love it! Can't wait for our shirts too!

Nemo0610 said...

Im so glad you ladies like it. I wanted something to show, sexy, sassy, sistahood and marriage all in the same logo and I think Julie did a great job in designing what I want.